A 15-Minute Health Clarity Call...


I will offer you a 15-minute Health Clarity call…


No charge at all!!! 

Here’s what we will do on the call…

We will ask you 10 questions to see:

What your health struggles and challenges are
What you’ve tried
What methods did not work for you
What your health goals are, and then
We will make a recommendation about the best option for you 

We will let you know if the 360° Life app is all you’ll need to get to your health goals. And we’ll give you pointers on getting THE MOST from your time in our community. 


We might recommend a call with one of our coaches or Elena. And we will explain to you WHY.

No pressure!

We are here to help YOU to get to YOUR health goals in the shortest amount of time possible. 

If you are ready for CLARITY, grab this call…


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a complete A-Z Blueprint for achieving lifelong health and wellness

IMPORTANT: We are VERY excited to soon be speaking with you about your health and wellness goals. 

Here is how scheduling works. 

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Get a few health-promoting BONUSES while you are waiting for us to call you

We respect your and our time. Once you book the call, be sure to add it to your calendar and show up! By scheduling this call you understand and agree that being late or not showing up without notification means a cancellation of your scheduled time and NO rebooking will be made available. We look forward to talking to you about your health goals soon! 

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